Songs About a Girl

by The New New Hampshire

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this is an ep about love in all it's forms. i hope it gives you hope for life as it has done for me.


released December 30, 2013



all rights reserved


The New New Hampshire New Hampshire

the new new hampshire is an idea. one that i've been working on for the better part of the last ten years. music is something that needs to be shared, something that is ever changing, and something that shows love, is love, and needs to be loved. we're about this journey that is life, so this music is for you. ... more

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Track Name: Letter
why don't you write me a note
and i'll write you a letter
keep it close to your heart
so you'll always remember
that even when the days and ways of life are getting hard
i'll be right beside
just open up that three fold piece of paper
and read the words i wrote inside

i know we might not be together
but i just wanted you to know
that if god tore us into pieces
i'd need your half to make me whole

you don't you hum a little tune
and i'll write you a song
it might just be a simple three chord melody
but i hope you sing along
it's the story of us
'cause that's what's been on my mind
so listen to these words i'm singing oh so carefully
i'm hoping someday that you'll find


why don't we lay a little longer
will you make coffee or should i?
why don't you wrap yourself up in these sheets
'cause i love to watch you lie
i've got alot of things that i need to do today
but i don't want to leave this place
i'll stay here for another couple of hours
and put kisses on your face


maybe someday we'll be together
but all the same i think you should know
i'm glad god tore us into pieces
'cause i've been searching for you soul

your soul
Track Name: Song About a Girl
i love the way, you look tonight
standing in the firelight, underneath that moon so bright
and the smell of your hair it caught me so unprepared
i was unaware, sorry 'bout my stare

and when she smiles she lights up the room
and when she laughs, she's got me laughing too
and those three words, coming out her lips
she said i love you and i never could have dreamed something like this

i ask her to dance, and she gives me a smile
maybe in a little while, i don't you sit with me for now
she rests her head on my shoulder and closes her eyes
i love it when she sighs, why don't you stay with me and watch the sunrise


you know i love you and i never could have dreamed something like this
Track Name: Faces
i guess, i've made, this face before
but it was waiting on, you
how can something so familiar, like three little words
suddenly seem, so brand new

and i've been running away
for such a long time
and if home is where the heart is
then yours belongs with mine

your eyes, pierce to my soul
i've been looking for such a long time, now i know what it's like, to be whole
cupids arrow flew straight and true, it didn't want to miss
put my hands on the back of your neck, and give you a kiss


Track Name: Possibilities
lying awake, 'cause i just can't sleep
i've got an angel, lying next to me
i just want to keep her
she nuzzles in close, i can hear her breathe
my hearts pounding out of my chest
i just can't contain it

when i look at you
i see possibilities
what do you see in me
give me one more kiss before you go
'cause i just want to believe

she opens her eyes, puts her hand in mine
she's searching my face for something
i hope that she'll find it
i only have eyes for you, and that is the truth
my hearts busted, and torn
but it's your for the taking


i don't know the future, but i'm sure god has a plan
it's a fact that i'm leaning on
just as hard as i can
and i'm scared to death, to let you walk out the door
i don't know if you'll come back
make it safe to my arms